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Van Gogh: true or false?

by Caroline 28th July 2015
Starry Night, Van Gogh

This year marks 125 years since Vincent Van Gogh, one of the world’s best-loved artists, died. To mark the anniversary, we’ve designed this quick and easy ‘true or false’ quiz for you to play with friends and family!


1. True or false? Vincent Van Gogh was named after his older brother



True. He shared the same name as his older brother, who sadly died at birth.


2. True or false? The artist was 73 when he died



False. He was 37.


3. True or false? Van Gogh only sold 3 paintings during his lifetime



False. The reality was worse – he only managed to sell one.


4. True or false? ‘Starry night’, one of his most famous works, was painted whilst living in an asylum 



True. Van Gogh created the painting whilst he was forbidden to go out at night.


5. True or false? The vibrant yellow he used in famous paintings like ‘Sunflowers’ contained a type of poisonous lead.



True. The toxic pigment faded over time, turning light brown in colour.


6. True or false? His father was a well-known artist in his own right



False. His father was a pastor.


7. True or false? Van Gogh died in the Netherlands



False. He committed suicide and was buried in France.


8. True or false? His painting ‘Portrait of Dr Gachet’ sold for £54.4 million in 1990



True. It was sold at auction and bought by a Japanese art collector.


9. True or false? Van Gogh created an average of 2 paintings per week



True. Although he didn’t begin painting full-time until he was 27, he was known for his prolific work rate.


10. True or false? He fixed candles to his straw hat when painting at night



True. It allowed him to work whilst it was dark – don’t try it at home!


What’s the verdict: are you a Dutch master or a fine art flop? Scored highly or need to brush up on your knowledge? Share your score over Facebook and Twitter to see how you rated against others!

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