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The Signing of the Armistice

by Steph 10th November 2015
Armistice Clearing

Armistice Day commemorates the signing of the Armistice – an agreement to bring an end to the four years of fighting in WW1 between France, Britain and Germany, meaning that the Germans had to evacuate occupied territories on the Western Front. The signing took place at 11am on 11 November 1918 and ran for 30 days, being renewed until the treaty of Versailles was signed the following year.

As we approach the eleventh day of the eleventh month, let’s take a look at where the agreement took place.

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Compiègne Forest

The signing of The Armistice took place in a railway carriage in Compiègne Forest, Picardy (65 km from Paris).  The carriage belonged to Allied Supreme Commander Ferdinand Foch, who led the military negotiations. Hitler also chose this location to force the French to sign an armistice in the very same railway carriage in June 1940 after the Battle of France was lost.

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You can visit an Armistice Memorial at this location today where you’ll find an impressive clearing including a statue of Foch and a museum which costs €5 for adults/€3 for children. The museum features a replica of the carriage, after the original, having been moved to Germany, was destroyed by fire in 1945.

If you want to visit the Armistice clearing, Eurocamp have a parc just 26km from the Compiègne Forest.

Have you visited this or any other significant Armistice locations like Versailles? Share your experiences with us in the comments or over Facebook.

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