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Why holidays are good for your health

by Caroline 22nd June 2016

Is there anything better than lying back and feeling the sun on your face? How about all that, plus hearing waves crash against the shore? There’s something about these two things that really gives you that special holiday feeling – something we all wish we could bottle for a quick dose on a cold winter’s day.

But why does it have this positive impact on our mood? Below are just a few fun facts about why holidays are good for your health and that sun, sea and sand really do equal smiles.

1. Happy hormones


Sunshine boosts levels of serotonin (the body’s happy hormone), which is one of the main reasons you feel happier when the sun is out. But on top of this, research also shows that exercising outside in the sun produces more endorphins than exercising inside – so what other excuse do you need to put on those trainers and go for a walk or jog when the sun shines?

2. Vital vitamins

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Your skin produces vitamin D in response to the sun’s rays and the benefits of this are endless. They include: regulating the absorption of calcium for healthy teeth and bones, resistance against certain diseases and lowering blood pressure – all things to smile about.

3. No more sneezing!

The sun has a great effect on stamina, fitness and muscular development, as well as being able to build up the immune system. This is due to white blood cells increasing with sun exposure, which plays a huge role in defending the body against infections – which means less chance of catching a nasty cold!

Tips on keeping safe on sunshine holidays:

  • Wearing a suitable SPF
  • Don’t be fooled by clouds – you can still burn through them
  • Having regular breaks in the shade
  • Reapplying sun lotion – especially after swimming
  • Be extra careful with babies and children – their skin is more sensitive than adults

4. Rise and shine!


You naturally have more energy when the sun is shining, because it reduces levels of melatonin, which regulates sleep. So having lower levels in your body gives you more get up and go, plus being woken up by natural light, rather than an awful alarm clock, means you start the day feeling more positive.

5. Room with a view – essential!

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But it’s not just the sunshine, a recent study has declared that having a view of the seaside has mental health benefits and makes people feel generally happier and a lot more relaxed. Scientists are now calling the link between good health and a view of water “blue space” – time to rush to the seaside or book a holiday close to the beach!

So, do you really need anymore reasons to enjoy a slice of sun at Eurocamp parcs? For more inspiration on where to stay so you can soak up the rays and improve your mood, check out our best parcs for sunshine holidays.


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