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Packing for your first beach holiday with tots

by Alison 27th June 2016
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As a mum of two active boys aged 7 and ten, we’ve always loved going to the beach and the pool on holiday.

With my experience working for leading online baby and child swimwear retailer, Baby Swimming Shop, I always made sure that our boys wore specialist baby swimwear to ensure that they were safe, covered up and warm in the pool or the sea.

If you’re planning your first beach holiday with tots, here’s my advice about what you might want to take (don’t miss out on your special discount code too!):

Swim nappies

If you’re planning to hit the pool or the beach, you must pack swim nappies. Whilst you may use disposable swim nappies at home, these can take up a lot of space so we’d advise taking a reusable swim nappy, such as the Aqua Nappy range from Konfidence.


If the pool isn’t heated, then I’d recommend that you also take a baby wetsuit. Babies cannot regulate their body temperatures in the way that adults do, so keeping them warm in the water is a good idea.

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You can opt for an all-in-one style, which covers the arms and legs, or a baby wrap, which is easier to take on and off, and will keep the core warm.  Older kids are typically better at coping with cooler water.  However, you can always take a shorty wetsuit, which are great for both those cooler pools and for mucking around in sea.

Sun protection

Hopefully you’re going to see a lot of the sun on holiday and will be spending plenty of time outdoors, however it’s important to remember that little ones have very sensitive skin and can burn easily.

There are two key elements to effective sun protection.  Firstly, ensure that your child is wearing appropriate clothing.  For playing around the pool or the beach, UV suits are really flexible as they are great wet or dry.  You should always check that the UV suits offer UPF50+ protection, like the range from Platypus Australia.

Sun hats are also vital – bucket hats are great for mucking about on dry land, but the legionnaire style hats, which cover the neck, are probably best if kids are and out of the water.

The second key elements of sun protection are sun cream and after-sun. Opt for a high factor cream and ideally one that is waterproof.  We’ve found that spray-on protection leads to far fewer tantrums are mad about the Australian range of sun protection, SunSense.

Swimming aids

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If your child is not yet confident in the water and there are no free Learn to Swim lessons available, then you may want to take some swimming aids with you to help boost their confidence and to help them start their journey on learning to swim: 

ArmbandsThe most popular aid for kids aged 0-7.  Inflatable, so takes up very little room in your luggage.  We stock the ever-popular Zoggs range.

Swim seatsInflatable swimming seats, suitable for ages 3-18 months.  Allow your baby to feel the water on their feet whilst keeping their heads clear of the water.  The more confident ones will even be able to start to become a bit more independent in the water.

Floats suits ideal for toddlers and slightly older children, you can adapt the level of buoyancy by adding or removing floats from within the suit and they will give your child additional mobility in the water.

SwimFinsThese have to rank amongst the most fun swimming aids we’ve seen in years.  These “shark fins” fit to your child’s back and help them float in a naturally horizontal swimming position.  They’re perfect for children aged over 3 and we often see parents wearing them too!

Remember, that whatever swimming aid you choose, they are not life saving devices and you should always be in the water with your child whilst they are using them.

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