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Pack for a week away using only hand luggage

by Michelle 16th July 2015
Holiday packing

We’ve all done it. That common mistake of holiday packing: trying to squeeze too much into your suitcase.

And nothing dampens pre-holiday excitement quite like huffing and puffing over a case that just will not close. Even worse, your holiday packing habits could cost you time and money at the airport too (think extra baggage charges and waiting times).

I’m here to help you break the habit with a guide to packing for your city or beach week away using only hand luggage. Go on, give it a try!

Holiday packing tip 1

Use the right bag. Carry-on luggage size requirements can vary per airline, so be sure to check beforehand so your luggage will fit. Most people tend to opt for the hard shell cases, but I find these can be quite heavy and restrictive. Choose a soft-sided bag with wheels so there will be maximum room for fitting items in, or fitting into the overhead cabin.

Holiday packing tip 2

Be ruthless with your choice of clothes. Make sure all of your outfits can be worn in different combinations and can be worn on more than one occasion. Lay all of your items out before packing and check items off a list

[responsive-image id=’3267′ align=’center’ caption=’Your holiday wardrobe all packed up!’ alt=’Holiday packing’]

– 1 x light jacket, cardigan or hoodie (wear this to travel in)

– 1 x trousers (wear one pair to travel in)

– 1 x sun hat (wear this to travel in to avoid damage)

– 1 x pair of trainers (wear these to travel in)

– 1 x pair of flip flops

– 1 x pair of sandals

– 1 x pyjamas

– 2 x pairs of shorts

– 2 x swimwear items

– 4 x day tops

– 5 x lightweight evening outfits (think non-crease dress & tops)

– 7 x underwear

Place your shoes at the bottom of the case, then roll your clothes and layer them on top of each other, before placing toiletries and electricals at the top.

Holiday packing tip 3

What toiletries and essentials to pack. Remember that you’re restricted on the volume of liquids and other toiletries you can take on-board (further info here), so look to pack:


– Toothbrush

– Small toothpaste

– Hairbrush

– Make up under 100 ml

– Small moisturiser with SPF

– Any necessary medication

Buy shampoo and condition once you arrive at your destination as it will often work out cheaper… especially with the current exchange rate!


– Mobile phone charger & headphones

– Camera & charger

– Travel adaptor

– Sunglasses

– A good book

[responsive-image id=’3269′ align=’center’ caption=’Ready for take off!’ alt=’holiday packing’]

Holiday packing tip 4

What to pack in your handbag. Most airlines allow you to take a small handbag on-board, either in addition to your cabin case or if packed within your case at the last-minute. here’s what you’ll want to have to hand throughout your journey:

– Passport

– Travel insurance details

– Boarding passes & tickets for accommodation

– Bank card & cash (best for buying food & drink on-board)

Holiday packing tip 5

Check what essentials will be available when you arrive. Some holidays provide hairdryers and towels, or even allow you to book these in advance and it’s worth checking to save on valuable luggage space.

That’s my holiday packing guide all rolled up! Have you got any top packing tips of your own or fancy trying the one-bag challenge on your next holiday? Share your experiences over FacebookTwitter and Instagram.




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