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Hop on this new idea for family holidays

by Ellen 20th June 2016
Colosseum, Rome

Whether you’re searching for exciting family holiday ideas, wanting to explore more of Europe or just looking for something a bit different, parc hopping is a great way to spend your summer holiday.

Parc hopping gives you the chance to stay at multiple parcs on the same holiday and enjoy the mix of gorgeous beaches, cosmopolitan city centres and all of the scenery in between. You’ll even get ideas for other places you’d like to visit on the way!

Here are some of our favourite routes to start you off on your parc hopping adventure:

Paris – Normandy – Brittany

[responsive-image id=’5347′ align=’center’ caption=” alt=’Beg Meil, Brittany’]

This route across northern France has it all. Start off in Paris exploring everything this charming city has to offer, from beautiful art and elegant cafes to landmarks like the Notre Dame and Eiffel Tower. Then head to Normandy, just a couple of hours away by car or train, to experience the humbling D-Day beaches and historic battle sites. This is a great educational trip for kids. Finish your trip in Brittany, relaxing on the picturesque beaches or hiking the country hills.

Explore northern France

Nice – St Raphael – St Tropez

[responsive-image id=’5349′ align=’center’ caption=” alt=’St Tropez harbour’]

Experience the glamour of the south of France one parc at a time. Begin in Nice exploring the bustling markets and eating fresh seafood in the harbour. Take a train or drive to St Raphael to stroll along the beautiful costal footpath leading to the volcanic mountain range of Esterel Massif. Last stop will be St Tropez, a hotspot for the rich and famous with gorgeous beaches, a lovely harbour and bustling nightlife.

Explore southern France

Venice – Florence – Rome

[responsive-image id=’5348′ align=’center’ caption=” alt=’Colosseum, Rome’]

Check out a trio of iconic Italian cities bursting with tasty food and historical landmarks, with just a two-hour train journey separating them. Snake through the famous canal streets by gondola in the captivating city of Venice. Catch a train to Florence, birthplace of the Renaissance and home to some of the most inspiring pieces of art from the era, including Michelangelo’s ‘David’. Finish up in Rome exploring beautiful landmarks like the Colosseum and Roman Forum.

Explore Italy

Corsica – Sicily – Sardinia

[responsive-image id=’5350′ align=’center’ caption=” alt=’Porto Torres, Sardinia’]

If you’re feeling ambitious, Mediterranean island hopping may be for you. Although it requires a little bit more planning, organising ferries and cars to transport you around the islands, the natural beauty and rich culture is worth every second. Start your trip in Corsica exploring the stylish coastal towns and beautiful beaches. Then head to Sicily by ferry, take a stroll around the colourful market places and stunning historical ruins. Finally travel over to Sardinia to wade through crystal clear waters and peruse the mysterious ancient Bronze Age structures.

Explore island holidays

Would you add parc hopping to your family holiday ideas?  Can you suggest any other great parc hopping routes? Share in the comments below!

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