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How will Brexit affect your Eurocamp holiday?

by Caroline 27th July 2016
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Following the result of Brexit on 24th June, the whole of the nation has been left with a feeling of uncertainty towards the future.  While the exit strategy from the EU is still undecided there’s been plenty of talk on the subject, so it’s time to put some of the post-Brexit travel rumours circulating to bed.

Will Brexit affect my holiday?

Until the UK leaves the EU, no sooner than in 2 years’ time, there will be no change to the way people holiday. Travellers are free to move between the UK and the EU as they were before.

Will it be more expensive to holiday?

Not necessarily.  While there was a drop in the value of the British pound against the Euro immediately following the Brexit decision, it has since recovered and returned to the same level as it was in March 2014 (as at 25 July 2016).

Eurocamp have frozen many 2016 prices for early 2017 bookers, so you don’t have to pay more for next year’s holiday compared to this time last year.  Eurocamp is also protecting customers by guaranteeing that once a holiday deposit has been paid, the price is secured and will not increase if there is any future drop in the value of the pound.

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Do I need a new passport or have to apply for a visa?

There will be no change to passport arrangements until we officially leave.  There also remains no need for a visa to visit Europe, and even after we leave there’s no guarantee a visa will be required.

What about my European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)?

You can still use your EHIC card abroad as before, arrangements between the UK and other EU countries will need to be made as we prepare to leave.

Can I still get duty free?

Whilst we’re still in the EU we’ll be able to purchase Duty Free and continue to bring home unlimited goods.  The free movement of goods will be part of a negotiated settlement with the EU.

What about using my mobile phone abroad?  Will roaming charges increase?

There will be no immediate changes to using your phone abroad, and there won’t be an immediate impact on charges. The UK Government will need to implement a new law on roaming charges after we leave the EU, otherwise the service providers will set roaming charges.

Can I still take money out from cashpoints abroad?

Yes, you can continue to take out cash, as normal.

Can I still get compensation if my flight is delayed?

Yes.  Flight compensation is governed under an EU directive, meaning flights in and out of EU countries and EU airlines will still have to adhere to this directive regardless of the Brexit decision.  The UK Government will need to implement a new law on compensation for flight delays and compensation after we leave the EU.

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Will the cost of flights increase?

Right now this is all just speculation. Various airlines spoke out about their concerns of losing the ability to operate in the EU’s common aviation market.  However the UK government will be working hard to negotiate full access to that market and agree on an open skies arrangement.

So until details of our relationship with the EU are firmed up, the facts show that there is no reason to holiday any differently to how you would have done before the referendum decision.

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