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Hang on to your hols: the Davies family’s story

by Francesca 27th March 2020
child on holiday with ice cream

The Davies Family are due to travel to Sicily with us in May this year. Travelling is their favourite thing to do, so in this blog they tell us why holidays matter to them.

I literally am like David’s mum, countdown calendar, suitcase open with bits being collected, new shorts and t shirts, sun cream…

We have a Eurocamp holiday booked in May, and although it’s unlikely we’ll be able to go we’re still holding on with a glimmer of hope.

venice ice cream

Our favourite ice cream so far was in Venice

Our holidays and adventures with our son are what makes our family. We’ve been fortunate to take him to over 13 countries, some more than once and different destinations – he’s only 10. We laugh at his expertise on ice cream and his excitement of staying in a Travelodge the night before we fly.

We can only travel on a budget but we save all year for our holidays. We are constantly looking at where we can go and dream of destinations… The supermarkets, the fresh fruit and vegetables, the coffee and cake shops!  so I’m really hoping when this awful crisis is over we will still have jobs and we can re-plan our adventures with our beautiful boy, and he can continue with his ice cream quest.

icecream in salzburg

Enjoying ice cream on a bridge in Salzburg

We will do our utmost to support the travel industry because it’s the people that make it. We’ve stayed with many similar companies but never Eurocamp, and we were so excited to try it because the accommodation always looks nice. But everywhere we’ve stayed, different campsites across Europe – it’s the reps, it’s the guy behind the bar who makes the best coffee, the little market shop workers who order fresh bread and cakes for you ready in the morning, the lifeguards who over the years have watched our son learn to swim… all these people are amazing and our hearts go out to them all.

We hope whatever happens we get our holiday, but it may have to be next year depending on our own outcome to this nightmare. Who knows, but we’ll try our best.

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