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Free travel apps to download before your holiday

by Caroline 27th August 2015
Free travel apps

Whether you’re planning to relax by the beach, indulge in foreign cuisine or explore a new city on your next holiday, there is an app to support every travel experience. But with over one million apps to choose from, how can you find the best one for you and your adventure?

Check out the top four free travel apps you shouldn’t leave home without:

Free Travel Apps #4: Hyperlapse

The past few years has seen a huge surge in holiday Instagram-ers. In the social media world, if you haven’t posted about your holiday – you may as well have not been. If you are struggling to capture your perfect holiday moment in just one picture, we have the perfect app for you. Hyperlapse is a free iphone app that will crunch your videos in to a timelapse that is easily sharable via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Download Hyperlapse

Free Travel Apps #3: AroundMe

If you’re on holiday in Europe and visiting somewhere you’ve never been to beforeAroundMe is an app that will give you some guidance while exploring.  Acting as a pocket tour guide on your holiday, AroundMe allows you to find restaurants, coffee shops, theatres and other points of interests nearby at the push of a button.

Download AroundMe

Free Travel Apps #2: Google Translate

Travelling to a different country can sometimes prove difficult, especially when there are language barriers. The free Google Translate app translates up to 90 languages through typing and can also translate text instantly in 26 languages through your camera. The perfect app to help struggling foodies in a foreign restaurant!

Download Google Translate

Free Travel Apps #1: Sunscreen

We all love to soak up the sun and enjoy the heat while we are on holiday, but it’s easy to lose track of when it’s time to top up on the SPF. The free app Sunscreen will detect the UVI ratings of your current location and will set a timer to remind you when it is time to re-apply. All you need to do is input your skin type and SPF factor, and Sunscreen will make sure you are safe in the sun and keep burns at bay.

Download Sunscreen

Ready for download? Leave us a comment below and share which of these apps you’d like to try or any other free travel apps you’d recommend for other travellers!

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