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Europe’s travel bucket list: 10 wonders to see before you die

by Caroline 1st October 2015
Blue domes, Oia, Santorini

We’re always looking ahead to the next wonderful travel experience, and when Lonely Planet published their global bucket list earlier this year it inspired us to draw up our very own guide, especially for Europe.

Delve into our travel bucket list of 10 European wonders to see before you die – and then share the ones that make it onto your list!

Sistine Chapel, Italy

[responsive-image id=’3780′ align=’center’ caption=’Universal Judgement inside the Sistine Chapel ‘ alt=’Universal Judgement inside the Sistine Chapel’]

(image @ edella/Shutterstock.com)

Revel in the Renaissance splendour of this historic chapel, nestled in the heart of the Pope’s official residence in Rome. Book ahead to avoid some of the queues.

Visit Italy >

The Alhambra, Spain

[responsive-image id=’3782′ align=’center’ caption=’The Alhambra at sunset’ alt=’The Alhambra at sunset’]

Situated in historic Granada,the Alhambra is part palace, part fort and one of the world’s most magnificent examples of Moorish architecture. Make sure you set aside plenty of time to explore this jewel in Andalucía’s crown.

Visit Spain >

The Eiffel Tower, France

[responsive-image id=’3784′ align=’center’ caption=’The Eiffel Tower, France’ alt=’The Eiffel Tower, France’]

Climb right to the top for one of the world’s most amazing views across the city of romance from 900 feet in the air.

Visit France >

The Berlin Wall, Germany

[responsive-image id=’3787′ align=’center’ caption=’East Side Gallery, Berlin wall’ alt=’East Side Gallery, Berlin wall’]

(image @ Ewais / Shutterstock.com)

Take a tour along the route of the historic wall and learn more about the iconic structure that once divided Europe.

Visit Germany >

Troll’s Tongue, Norway

[responsive-image id=’3788′ align=’center’ caption=’Troll’s Tongue, Norway’ alt=’Troll’s Tongue, Norway’]

Hike through some of Europe’s most breath-taking countryside to stand on the tip of Norway’s famous Troll’s Tongue point.

The 3,000 foot high ascent isn’t for the faint-hearted and the hike can take up to 12 hours, but the panoramic views are worth it.

Visit Norway >

Sagrada Familia, Spain

[responsive-image id=’3790′ align=’center’ caption=’La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona’ alt=’La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona’]

Gaudi’s unique basilicas are an unmissable part of any trip to Barcelona. Big, bold and undeniably beautiful, his unique style has to be seen close up to be truly appreciated.

Visit Spain >

Santorini, Greece

[responsive-image id=’3792′ align=’center’ caption=’Oia, Santorini’ alt=’Blue domes, Oia, Santorini’]

Cruise ships lining the magnificent caldera, piercing orange sunsets and sumptuous food at every stop. No wonder it made it onto Lonely Planet’s list!

Visit Greece >

Venice, Italy

[responsive-image id=’3794′ align=’center’ caption=’Grand Canal, Venice’ alt=’Grand Canal, Venice’]

(image @ Matt Caville)

Truman Capote famously said that visiting Venice was like eating a whole box of liqueur chocolates in one go and it’s easy to see why. This Italian city is a culture vulture’s dream, with a style and charm all of its own. Perfect for day trips or a longer holiday.

Visit Italy >

Northern Lights, Finland

[responsive-image id=’3796′ align=’center’ caption=’Northern Lights, Finland’ alt=’Northern Lights, Finland’]

Witness the natural world’s most amazing light show from a cosy cabin in Finnish Lapland. What better way to spend a winter’s night?

Visit Finland >

Colosseum, Italy

[responsive-image id=’3797′ align=’center’ caption=’The Colosseum, Rome’ alt=’The Colosseum, Rome’]

Soak up some ancient history as you stand in the arena where Roman gladiators once met their fate.

Visit Italy >

Can you tick any of these off your travel bucket list already? Which ones have you added? Share your thoughts in the comments below or over Facebook and Twitter.

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