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Europe’s finest eco-friendly holidays

by Ryan 2nd June 2016
Le Belledonne, Eurocamp

Destinations with the best scenery are also some of the most fragile, which is why we have to work hard to preserve these wonderful places for future generations.

If you’re like me and want to do your bit for the environment, why not give ecotourism a go and book an eco-friendly holiday? First you’ll want to choose the most environmentally friendly way of travelling; train travel is a great way to see Europe and produces low emissions, but taking the ferry and driving to your destination is also less harmful to the environment than flying.

Then it’s all about choosing the right place to stay – to make things easier here are 5 of our finest eco-friendly parcs:

An award-winning French seaside resort

[responsive-image id=’5253′ align=’center’ caption=’La Pointe St. Gilles, Brittany’ alt=’La Pointe St. Gilles, Brittany, Eurocamp’]

Set on Brittany’s wonderful coastline, this family-run parc is a proud member of La Clef Verte, which is the first international label for eco-tourist accommodation. Take a stroll to the bustling resort of Bénodet where you’ll find a coastal promenade lined with restaurants. If you’re a lover of the coastal outdoors this parc is perfect for you!

Explore La Pointe St Gilles 

Through the pine forest to the beach

[responsive-image id=’5255′ align=’center’ caption=’Camping la Forêt, Vendee’ alt=’Camping la Forêt, Vendee, Eurocamp’]

This small, tranquil parc has also won a host of awards for looking after the environment, including La Clef Verte. Nestled between a beach and pine forest there’s plenty of plant and animal life to enjoy on parc. Under half an hour’s drive away you’ll find the technicolour wonders of Ile aux Papillon, home to 700 butterflies.

Explore Camping la Forêt

Thermal spring pools and wonderful walks

[responsive-image id=’5256′ align=’center’ caption=’Parco delle Piscine, Tuscany’ alt=’Parco delle Piscine, Tuscany, Eurocamp’]

If Italy is more your style then I’d recommend Parco delle Piscine, which is located in 50 hectares of glorious Tuscan countryside. There are 3 pool complexes heated by thermal springs and it’s measures like these that helped them win the prestigious EMAS award for eco-innovation.

Explore Parco delle Piscine

A chateau, cognac and horse riding

[responsive-image id=’5259′ align=’center’ caption=’Séquoia Park, Gironde’ alt=’Séquoia Park, Gironde, Eurocamp’]

This fantastic site is another member of La Clef Verte and is set around a 19th Century chateau that has been carefully restored. Enjoy horse riding into the nearby woodland or even a tour of the local Cognac vineyards.

Explore Séquoia Park

On the edge of a National Park

[responsive-image id=’5263′ align=’center’ caption=’Le Belledonne, The Alps’ alt=’Le Belledonne, The Alps, Eurocamp’]

Last but not least, how about staying on the edge of a National Park in The Alps? This environmentally friendly site is surrounded by stunning mountains and waterfalls and will certainly put you back in touch with nature.

Explore Le Belledonne

Once you’re on your ecotourism adventure, remember to respect the local surroundings and clear away any litter, plus most of our parcs provide recycling points for any waste.

We’re doing our bit back at home too; we’re one of the only travel companies to achieve FSC and PEFC certification for using paper from sustainable sources!

Have you given ecotourism a try? Where would you recommend? Share in the comments below and over Facebook and Twitter.

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