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Double Trouble! Easy ways to tackle twin travel.

by Caroline 11th October 2016
Twins in buggy

It’s not everyone’s idea of a relaxing holiday, but travelling with twins doesn’t have to be twice as hard. With some clever planning and thoughtful preparation, you can make sure your journey really is child’s play.

Fearless Flying Family in airport

Flying with any child can be daunting, so when you’ve got two, it’s easy to feel the fear.

A bit of phoning ahead will help things run smoothly.

Speak to the airline about booking the best combination of seats for your group, rather than waiting for them to be allocated on the day. Can you book seats in a group or by the bathroom? If so, try and reserve these places in advance.

Many hands make light work so having an adult per child is always helpful. Some airlines insist on this so check on booking and consider drafting in friends / family for support.

Small children aren’t usually allocated their own baggage allowance so having two adults will allow you to take two fold-up baggies as carry-ons or an extra bag too.

Snack Time

If you’re flying make sure you take more food / milk than you need.

Feeding babies can help soothe them during take-off while toddlers and older children can munch on their favourite snacks to avoid ‘popping’ ears.

This isn’t a time to try and experiment, pack firm favourites to keep them quiet!

Sleep + Travel = Easy

If you need to drive or fly long distances, try and make use of your child’s nap or chill time.

Setting off just before they are due to sleep can minimise meltdowns and allow you to concentrate on navigating / driving / getting there.

Make sure they are changed or have used the bathroom as late as possible before you board or set off.

But remember, trains, planes, buses and rental cars can be over air-conditioned and chilly. Pack a cosy throw or blanket, or you could wear an oversize jumper or cardigan if you are short on hand luggage space, to keep children warm.

Pack Smart

Avoid taking ‘two of everything’ and try and double up as much as possible.

So car seats or buggies can act as impromptu chairs or high-chairs or provide a shady spot to shelter little ones from the sun.

Taking spare bibs rather than spare clothes is another great space-saving tip.

Consider packing a small amount of washing powder, that way you can take less clothes, doing laundry as you go (this saves on a monster washing pile when you get home too).

And remember there aren’t many places in the world where you can’t buy nappies, wipes and child-friendly snacks so don’t drag too many from home.


Do you have any tips we haven’t included? Please do share them in the comments below!


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