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Baby passport photos needn’t be a challenge

by Steph 16th April 2015
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I recently decided I was going to take the plunge and book my first holiday as a new mum. I thought I’d keep it simple and go away with Eurocamp on one of their toddler-friendly holidays to La Croix Du Vieux Pont, a parc near Paris. This location is perfect as we can just pack the car up with everything we need and take the ferry from Dover. Then I realised I’d need to get her passport ordered, so got the forms, read all the rules about taking baby passport photos, and off we toddled to our local supermarket.

Knowing how hard it is to get a photo of myself that is both accepted by the passport office and doesn’t make me look horrendous, I prepared myself for the challenge…

We arrived at the photo booth and sat my fidgety 10 month old on the stool. We messed around with it until it was at it’s highest height – still too low for my daughter. I lifted her off the stool until she was in line with camera frame and crouched down ready. My husband put the money in and we waited for the click of the camera. Luckily we were given 4 attempts…

[responsive-image id=’2314′ align=’left’ caption=’Photo booth attempt!’]Attempt number 1 – Not facing the camera at all, looking down at me crouching on the floor of the booth wondering what on earth mummy is doing.

Attempt number 2 – Looking at the camera, but you can also see my fingers, which I’m clicking in front of her to get her attention

Attempt number 3 – Pointing at the camera and pulling out her tongue – this is all very amusing!

Attempt number 4 – Quite a reasonable facing the camera shot, no tongue pulling – hoorah!

The photo booth showed us all 4 shots and we agreed attempt number 4 looked pretty safe. Then, before we had chance to select it, my daughter lunged towards the screen and the photos started to print. We had no idea which one she “selected” so stood there waiting for the photo strip to emerge…attempt number 3 dropped down in all it’s cheeky, tongue-pulling glory.

[responsive-image id=’2313′ align=’right’ caption=’Acceptable passport photo’]We felt defeated, but tried to convince ourselves that the Post Office would accept our efforts. They didn’t. But, all was not lost, they suggested we pop along to Max Speilmann who take passport-approved photos for about £8. Off we went, and within minutes we had a perfect 1st attempt shot that was totally acceptable.

So, if you need a passport for your little one’s first holiday, don’t bother with the booth (unless you just do it for the laugh) and seek the help of a professional!

For all the official rules on passport photos, visit gov.uk and good luck!

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