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Are you guilty of these annoying tourist habits?

by Caroline 29th June 2016

We’re all guilty of being less than perfect tourists every now and again, aren’t we? Whether it’s sitting on the plane complaining about how long the journey is taking or failing to engage in the local language. But how many of these sound familiar?

Using a selfie stick

Getting the perfect snap of yourself next to the Colosseum might be crucial to show off to your friends on social media, but selfie sticks can be a little overwhelming when there are about 100 of them in your picture! Take our advice and revert back to the trusty self timer or ask someone to take the picture for you.

Another Full English?

There’s nothing better than a full English breakfast on a Sunday morning, but do you really need one on a Tuesday afternoon in Spain? Why not be adventurous and try the local cuisine?

No comprende

We often have plenty of notice that we’re going to be travelling to another country where English isn’t the primary language. However, this doesn’t stop us hopelessly trying to communicate in our own mother tongue, just s-p-e-a-k-i-n-g a lot slower. How about next time you try to pick up a few simple phrases using apps like Google Translate? It’ll go a long way, trust us.

Too hot to handle?

The heat! It just can’t be this hot, can it? We spend the whole week before our holiday checking the weather forecast, but seem surprised it’s hot when we get there. Cue a whole airplane suddenly commenting how warm it is as soon as they disembark. Which leads onto our final point…


Despite knowing better, there’s always someone that rejects all common sense when it comes to sun lotion. Cue red raw skin and the rest of the holiday spent fanning their skin and wearing a baggy t-shirt.

Do any of these habits sound familiar? Or have we missed anything that annoys you on holiday? Leave a comment and let us know!



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