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Alternatives to the Champions League Final

by Caroline 4th June 2015
Indoor skydiving at Airkix, Manchester

The Champions League Final is one of the biggest nights in the football calendar, but at up to £280 each, tickets for this Saturday’s match in Berlin certainly don’t come cheap. If you haven’t managed to bag a seat to watch Messi and co in action, or if football just isn’t your thing, here are 5 better ways to splash the cash!

1. A kick about Camp Nou

If you’re a football fanatic but haven’t managed to get hold of a golden ticket for the Champions League Final, a trip to Camp Nou (Barcelona’s largest football stadium) is your best alternative for a brilliant footballing experience.

Take a tour of Barcelona FC’s renowned stadium and you will be able to sit in the stalls, visit the dressing rooms and enter the pitch through the world famous tunnel. At just £17 a ticket for entry to the stadium, plus £153 for a return Ryanair flight from Manchester, you’ll be able to travel to Barcelona and still have money left over for sangria and tapas!

If you’re looking for somewhere to stay, give this beautiful Spanish campsite a go: Vilanova Park, Costa Dorada.

2. Indulge in a designer handbag

Ladies, if you can think of a million things you would rather do than watch the Champions League Final – this one’s for you.

Keeping on the theme of footballers (sort of), why not live the life of a WAG and spend the money on a designer handbag, guaranteed to last longer than the Champions League title!

If you treat yourself to a stylish Michael Kors handbag (starting from £150), you’ll still have money left over for the matching purse.

3. Take the whole family on holiday

It might seem unbelievable, but you could actually book a week’s holiday for the whole family for less than the cost of a Champions League Final ticket.

Check out this range of special holiday offers, including half price June holidays, and you could bag a holiday to Europe from as little as £175 per party, per week!

4. Try an indoor skydive

Whether you’re 14 or 64, indoor skydiving is a fun, thrilling activity for all.

AirKix is currently offering a package of 10 dives for five family members at just £159.99. You will have an instructor to guide you through the experience and I guarantee it will get the adrenalin flowing more than a penalty shoot out!

5. Adventure into the past

If you want to create memories that will last longer than 90 minutes, a family day out with the National Trust could be the perfect family activity.

With more than 200 historic parks and gardens, you can experience the best of what the UK has to offer for just £104 for an annual family pass.

The National Trust will help you make memories without travelling far, breaking the bank or worrying about the pressures of your team winning or losing.

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