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A Day in the Life of a Courier

by David 1st March 2017

What’s it like to be the public face of Eurocamp? Being a courier in one of our parcs offers lots of life-skills and laughs along the way. It’s not one long holiday, but we could think of worse ways to spend a summer! We chat to Sam, who spent last season helping our customers in Brittany. No two days are exactly the same, but that’s part of the fun, he says.


“After breakfast with my courier colleagues, it’s time to face the morning commute – all of a few seconds from my comfy bed – to open up reception,” Sam says. The hub of everything Eurocamp, receptions have to look smart and welcoming. Couriers set up the tables and chairs, and make sure the place looks spic and span. “I’ll check the arrival faxes from head office and update the booking charts so I know who’s arriving today, and make sure any special requests are taken care of,” he says.


“From around mid morning, couriers on reception can expect customers to pop by with queries, or requests for a spot of maintenance,” Sam says. “And they’ll even share tips. I remember one family alerted me to a brilliant secret beach that they wanted to share with fellow Eurocampers.”

Some couriers who particularly love dealing with the public face-to-face might stay on reception all morning, but by around 10am Sam’s off to start on cleaning our mobile homes. “That’ll keep me busy until lunchtime,” he says, of his three-hour elbow grease session!


“Time for a break, so I’ll usually join my friends and grab some delicious French cheese and just-baked baguettes from the parc’s supermarket,” Sam says. Suitably refuelled, it’s off to fix any of those reported maintenance problems – to make sure all our accommodation is in tip-top condition… 


“By mid-afternoon I’m back on reception,” Sam says. This is the time to welcome new arrivals, so it’s time to show them around the newly freshened-up accommodation. “I make them feel at home, and tell them about the facilities on-site,” he says.

“There’s always a steady trickle of customers looking for advice. It’s good to keep up to date on what’s going on, both in the parc and around and about. I’ll let families know about all the kids’ activities, or perhaps there’s a wine tasting event for the grown ups.” It’s these enjoyable chats that really sets us apart from the rest. And, often, our customers and couriers forge great friendships.

“If customers are ‘at home’, I love popping by to see what they’ve been up to,” Sam says. Spending time talking to customers is the best way for us to learn how to make our holidays even better. Fortunately, you’ll find Eurocampers are really approachable and easy to get along with. “I’ve even been invited to barbecues!” Sam admits.

As the afternoon – and the working day – comes to a close, there’s always little fixes that our couriers can be called on to solve. “A family might want me to change a ferry time,” Sam says – or perhaps booking a taxi into town, for dinner at the harbourside might be on the cards.


“Now’s the time I’ll head over to that barbeque I’ve been invited to!” Sam laughs. “I always enjoy the evenings. Cooler weather, a beer with my new found friends and, possibly, if it’s a day off tomorrow, the chance to head into town with the rest of the team for a night on the tiles!”

So, how does that sound to you?

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