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9 reasons we flippin’ <3 flip flops

by Richard 18th June 2015
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Even if we’re not on holiday, wearing flip flops makes us feel like we could be. And with summer just around the corner, we’ve decided to ditch shoes in favour of the flip flop and share the top reasons why we flippin’ love them!

1. Flip flops for good

17th June is National Flip Flop Day and was founded by Tropical Smoothie Café, which donated money to Camp Sunshine each time a customer came into their café wearing flip flops. Camp Sunshine offers respite and support to children with life-threatening illnesses and their families.

2. They’ve never gone out of style

Flip flops have been around for years – 6,000 of them, to be precise. Ancient Egyptians wore them, but they probably didn’t call them flip flops. Or maybe they did, because their name comes from the slapping sound they make as you walk along the ground. Perhaps they were slip-slaps, or plip-plaps?

3. The perfect beach buddy!

Strolling along the beach is what flip flops were made for! How about taking your pair to La Grande Plage Le Ruisseau parc (is just a stone’s throw away) or the serene San Vito lo Capo in Sicily (check out El Bahira parc nearby). For more flip flop destination inspiration, check out some of Europe’s other top beaches.

4. They’re easy to pack

Heading on a sun holiday? Flip flops are the first thing in your case. Actually, it’s probably your swimming trunks or cossie first, but the flip flops won’t be far behind. They don’t take up much room and are lighter than shoes or trainers – crucial if you’re keen to travel light!

5. Perfect excuse for a pedicure

Who doesn’t look good wearing flip-flops? Anyone who insists on wearing socks with them, that’s who. But thankfully there aren’t many people like my dad. If you have a touch more style and prefer to leave the socks, treat yourself to a pedicure to make your feet flip flop ready. Sounds like bliss!

6. Flip flops protect your feet

A pair of flip flops will allow you explore rugged coastal paths and rock pools, as well as the beach. Talking of which, there are some great rock pools to discover on holiday in Europe, including the beaches near La Plage campsite in Brittany and at the one close to Camping la Foret in the Vendée.

7. They float

Once, in a wave of holiday excitement, I jumped straight into the pool before removing my flip flops. At some stage in the big splash they slipped off and after a brief moment of panic, I found them waiting for me – damage-free – on the surface.

8. Not just made for walking

When they’re not on your feet, you can waft one around your face as a makeshift fan and use the other to swat flies with. They can double up as coasters, and even when they’ve had their day, they can be used to cushion the legs on chairs to prevent the floor from being scratched (or to sort out a wobbly table)!

9. Flip flops are well-travelled!

The phrase “I forgot my thongs” in Australia takes on a whole new meaning! They’re also called jandals in New Zealand and, rather literally, rubber slippers in Hawaii.

Are you a fan of the flip flop? Why not share a snap of your favourite pair with us on Instagram or Twitter? Maybe you’ve got a few more reasons why you love your flip flops? If so, share them with us on our Facebook page.


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