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7 ways you’ve been breaking the law on holiday

by Steph 7th August 2015
Building Sandcastles

You’ve got your guide book, your selfie stick, and your passport and you’re all ready to go off and explore. But, before you do, you might want to take note of these crazy-sounding laws or you could wind up in a bit of bother on holidays in Europe

1. ‘Allo, ‘allo, ‘allo

It’s illegal to photograph police officers or their vehicles in France, so if you’re snapping away on your French holiday, be careful not to capture these in your shot (even in the background!).

2. Running on empty

If you’re driving in Germany, make sure you’ve got a good amount of fuel in the tank before hitting the autobahn. If you run out of fuel you could face a fine as it’s considered an avoidable occurance.

[responsive-image id=’3418′ align=’center’ caption=’Feeding the birds of St Mark’s Square is banned’ alt=’Feeding birds in Venice’]

3. Hungry birds

Feeding the many pigeons of St Mark’s Square in Venice used to be a classic photo opportunity, but if you do this now you could face fines of up to €500. The ban came in to place in 2008 due to costs for cleaning and repairing the square’s monuments.

[responsive-image id=’3417′ align=’center’ caption=’Smile in Milan or face a fine’ alt=’Holiday smiling’]

4. Turn that frown upside down

If you’re in a public place in Milan you have to have a smile on your face or you could face a fine! The only exceptions are for funerals and in hospitals.

[responsive-image id=’3420′ align=’center’ caption=’Sandcastle building is prohibited in Eraclea’ alt=’Building Sandcastles’]

5. Don’t pack your bucket and spade

If you’re heading to the Venetian Lido be sure not to build a sandcastle on the beaches of Eraclea; it’s prohibited because they obstruct the passage of people walking along the beach.

6. Get a room mon amour

If you’re waving a fond farewell at a French train station, keeps your lips to yourself as kissing on train platforms has been banned since 1910.

7. Walking on sunshine

Stick to sensible flats if you’re exploring the sites of ancient Greece – high heels are banned because they damage the monuments.

And finally… strange but untrue!

There are lots of crazy sounding laws to consider, but not all of them are true, including the one that says you’re not allowed flush the toilet after 10pm in Switzerland. This is an urban myth stemming from bans for people living in blocks of flats. So, if you’re staying at one of our Swiss parcs, flush away at whatever time you choose!

Have you heard of any other crazy sounding laws? Let us know in the comments below or over on Facebook.

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