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7 of Europe’s most popular beers

by Steph 13th September 2016
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Nothing signals holiday quite like an ice cold beer in the sunshine. So sit down, grab a stein and we‘ll take you on a beer tour of Europe to discover some of the continent’s most popular brews.

Greece – Mythos

Mythos has only been around since 1997, but it’s now very popular across Greece. A refreshing sweet 4.7% lager that’s an easy drinker, so perfect for that first ice cold beer of the day in the blazing Greek sunshine.

Portugal – Super Bock

Popular around the world, Super Bock became the market leader in Portugal in 1992.  It’s a golden lager, and a strong one at 5.6%. Find out more by visiting the Super Bock Beer House in Porto?

super bock

Spain – Mahou

When it comes to beer in Spain which brand you’ll see on the pumps depends on which area you’re in. Cruzcampo is popular in the South, Estrella in the North, but we’ve opted to focus on Mahou which comes from Spain’s leading brewing company, Mahou-San Miguel. There are a few varieties with Mahou Cinco Estrellas being the main, a golden yellow beer of 5.5%.
Mahou draft beer in Spain

France – Kronenbourg 1664

A delicately bitter 5% ABV lager, Kronenbourg 1664 was first brewed in 1952 and is now the world number one when it comes to premium French beer. Named after the location of the brewery in 1850, Brasseries Kronenbourg  is now owned by the Carlsberg Group.

Italy – Peroni

Sometimes known as Peroni Red, this 4.7% pale lager originates from Rome and is Italy’s best selling beer. Not to be confused with Nastro Azzurro that you find in the UK, this is the Peroni brewery’s premium brand with a stronger 5.1% ABV.

Peroni Red beer served in Italy

Holland – Heineken

This 5% pale lager beer is brewed in Zoeterwoude in the Netherlands and originates from Gerard Heineken’s micro-brewery in 1873. Now the red star on green bottle is internationally recognisable and you can find out lots more on an interactive tour of their first built brewery in Amsterdam.

Bottles of Heineken beer in the fridge

Germany – Krombacher

Krombacher was Germany’s best selling beer until it was superseded by Oettinger in 2004, but this is rarely found in the pubs and bars of Germany being mainly sold cheaply in supermarkets.This means Krombacher is considered the number one premium beer and you can find out more by visiting their state-of-the-art visitor centre in the Siegerland Countryside.

Krombacher beer served in Germany

What’s you’re holiday beer of choice? Tell us your favourite in the comments below.

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