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5-step guide to Eurocamp for newbies

by Ryan 12th October 2015
Camping Tucan

Are you looking for holidays in Europe, or curious about what a break with Eurocamp has to offer? It wasn’t so long ago that I was a Eurocamp newbie; excited to explore new holiday destinations, but unsure how to choose the best option.

Based on my own personal journey I’ve created a simple guide to hassle-free holiday selection to help anyone new to Eurocamp create the perfect holiday.

Step 1: What type of holiday are you looking for?

Are you looking for a family holiday, full of free activities to keep the kids occupied, or a relaxing, cultural getaway with your partner or friends?

Eurocamp offer a range of different holiday types, suitable for every kind of trip. Check out the Holiday Types page for activity recommendations to help narrow down your search.

Step 2: Where in Europe would you like to go?

Eurocamp offer holidays to 10 countries across Europe, including France, Spain, Germany, Italy and Croatia. There’s a handy map of destinations on the homepage that shows you all the fantastic places you can choose from.

Step 3: Choose the right region for you

Type of holiday and/ or country picked, it’s time to decide on the region you’d like to visit. Regions can vary hugely within the same country, with everything from climate to culture being different. Luckily, Eurocamp offer regional fact files for each country and you can get started with them here.

Each regional overview offers information on how to get there, top sightseeing opportunities and parcs you can stay at.

[responsive-image id=’3837′ align=’center’ caption=” alt=’Eurocamp regional overview’]

Step 4: Pick the perfect parc

You’re almost there! Now you’ve chosen the right region, it’s time to pick the holiday location you’ll call home. We call these our parcs, which covers everything from traditional campsites to large holiday resorts with multiple restaurants and huge pool complexes.

Use the ‘Find me a holiday’ search bar (see below) at the top of every webpage to select your chosen destination and region, holiday dates and number of nights to search parc options and prices.

[responsive-image id=’3831′ align=’center’ caption=” alt=’Eurocamp search bar’]

Each parc page includes info on the nearest airport, port and public transport routes, which I used to choose my form of transport (with Eurocamp you can go by ferry, plane or train). I decided to try the delights of Tuscany at Norcenni Girasole Club and flew into Florence (the parc is only 25 minutes away from the airport by train).

[responsive-image id=’3839′ align=’center’ caption=” alt=’Parc overview page’]

Top tip: Use parc pictures, videos & customer reviews to discover what life on parc is really like!

Step 5: Grab great accommodation

Once you’ve decided on your parc, you’ll need to think about which holiday accommodation suits you. All of Eurocamp’s accommodation is detached, with multiple bedrooms and your own outdoor space – check out the full range here. One of the things I loved most was the wooden decking, which was the perfect spot to BBQ all of those amazing Tuscan sausages!

[responsive-image id=’2764′ align=’center’ caption=’Avant decking – perfect for dinner outdoors!’ alt=’Avant decking – perfect for dinner outdoors!’]

Top tip: If you’re looking for top of the range, head straight to an Aspect or Avant – the newest ranges that are packed with mod-cons.

If, like me, you prefer to pack light, book a linen packs before you leave, which will be waiting for you when you arrive.

Are you ready to jump in and experience the fun and freedom of a Eurocamp holiday for yourself? Tell us where you’re planning to go over Twitter and Facebook.


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