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3 secrets to building a successful sandcastle

by Richard 20th August 2015
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As someone who was lucky enough to grow up by the beach, I spent many hours building sandcastles – that’s when I wasn’t searching for my fortune with my granddad and his metal detector (we never did strike gold).

Despite living by the sea, my parents still preferred beach holidays. They would find a campsite that was within walking distance of the coast and we’d spend all day down at the beach.

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It’s possibly because of this experience that I got rather good at building sandcastles. And I’m here to share my top tips and secrets to help you become lord of the sand on future beach holidays!

There’s science behind the sandcastle

The great thing about building sandcastles is that it brings everyone together on the family holiday. In my experience, I was always Chief Sandcastle Architect, obviously, but my parents played their part – usually by digging the moat. It always allowed me to tap into my creative side, and bring a small part of my imagination to life.

[responsive-image id=’3483′ align=’right’ caption=” alt=’beach holidays’]All that experience taught me that you’ll need 3 crucial things to build a sandcastle that will outdo any competition:

Sand – It’s important to work with the right type of sand. The grains need to be small and fine so they pack together tightly and create lots of friction. You also need to add water to bind the grains, and then keep the sand moist as you build.

Location – The best place to build a sandcastle is just above the high tide line. Don’t work too far away from the tide, though – and remember that it will disappear by the end of the day, so don’t get too emotionally-attached to your masterpiece!

Tools – I’m talking more than a bucket and spade. A trowel is useful for edging and detail, while one of those misters you use for watering house plants is a gentle way of keeping your structure damp enough so it doesn’t dry out and crumple.

Find family-friendly beach holidays

Now to find some stunning beaches abroad where you and your family can put into practice the things you’ve learnt.

[responsive-image id=’3484′ align=’left’ caption=’Stunning Labenne Beach, Gascony’ alt=’beach holidays’] There are a number of outstandingly clean and beautiful beaches across France, Spain and Italy. Take a look at our top European beach holidays, which also suggest the closest parcs to them (some even give you direct access to the beaches).

And don’t forget to share pictures of your sand architecture with us by posting them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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