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11 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Croatia

by Ryan 12th September 2016

Considering a holiday to Croatia? I wouldn’t blame you! I recently spent my summer holiday here and would recommend it 100%. It’s the type of place that’s becoming more popular and it isn’t hard to see why. Here’s a few interesting facts that make Croatia the perfect place for both family and romantic holidays.

  1. 1. Croatia has over 1,000 islands in the Adriatic Sea

  2. The larger islands like Pag, Hvar and Mljet are a must-see but the list goes on…
  3. 2. Dubrovnik enjoys 2,665 hours of sunshine each year

  4. Astonishingly this is more than Sydney in Australia gets!
  5. 3. It’s a filming location for Game Of Thrones

  6. Visit Dubrovnik and you’ll be setting foot in King’s Landing.You may also notice that Split is the setting for Meereen, with Diocletian’s Palace being where the famous Dragons are kept.
  7. 4. A third of all the country is forested

  8. Croatia has 8 large National Parks, the most famous being the Plitvice Lakes (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) which is home to wild bears!

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  1. 5. The total population is just 4.3 million

  2. Welcome to an unspoilt paradise with half the population of London.
  3. 6. Croatia has a 5,835km coastline

  4. Which is the same distance as flying from London to Washington DC…That’s a whole lot of beach.

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  1. 7. It’s the birthplace of the Dalmatian dog breed

  2. A large region of Croatia is called Dalmatia where the famous spotty dogs first originated from.
  3. 8. Zadar has the most beautiful sunset in the world

  4. According to Alfred Hitchcock it does! As Camping Village Simuni is only an hour from Zadar I went to see for myself and have to agree, it was fantastic.

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  1. 9. Split is home to genuine Sphinx

  2. These were brought to Croatia from Egypt by the Romans and are over 4,000 years old
  3. 10. Pula has one of the best preserved Roman amphitheatres in the world

  4. It would’ve once been used for epic gladiator battles and if you’d like to see it yourself, Camp Lanterna is less than an hour away

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  1. 11. Home to the Zinfandel grape

  2. Interestingly, as a country it’s one of the oldest wine regions in the world – Even predating that of the Roman Empire!

Which of these did you find most surprising? If you’ve got any interesting facts about Croatia we’d love to hear them in the comments below or over Facebook & Twitter.

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