France’s new car pollution stickers: Know before you go

Driving through Paris, Lyon, Lille and Grenoble? You’ll need a new Crit’Air sticker if you’re to avoid a hefty fine. This is all you need to know to make sure your journey through France’s busiest cities gets a clean bill of health.  With air pollution firmly on the agenda, the whole of Paris, Lyon and Grenoble have More >

Sailing into History: The Untold Story of the Cross-Channel Ferries

You’re not just taking a leisurely cruise across to France, you’re taking your place on one of the world’s most historic sea routes. As far as we know, it’s the world’s oldest regular boat crossing. This 22-odd mile route isn’t just responsible for our connections to the continent, but it actually gave us our name, too. Our More >

Sláinte! Our Favourite European Irish Bars

What makes a great Irish bar? Let’s face it, there are enough of them. For us, it’s more than the Guinness, the John Jameson and the hearty plates of colcannon. It’s even more than the misty-eyed renditions of Danny Boy. For us, it’s all about the craic. That indefinable vibe that makes you think, whatever your More >

A Day in the Life of a Courier

What’s it like to be the public face of Eurocamp? Being a courier in one of our parcs offers lots of life-skills and laughs along the way. It’s not one long holiday, but we could think of worse ways to spend a summer! We chat to Sam, who spent last season helping our customers in More >